The Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund


The mission of the Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund is to support nutrition education for the children, families, and staff of the Kennedy Children's Center. The fund is named in memory of Lewis Silver, a special friend of our Executive Director, Jeanne Alter. Lou died suddenly in June of 2012. Established by his family and friends, the Fund honors Lou’s legacy and passion for healthy and nourishing food.

Lou was a creative and resourceful chef who believed that anyone could prepare a healthy, tasty, budget conscious meal with a little know-how and the right ingredients. He felt that eating well was not just an issue of access or cost…. it was also an issue of education and understanding. He was concerned about the effects of fast food and the disappearance of the family meal. He believed that parents would serve healthier food choices if they understood more about balanced eating and nutrition. He saw the increase of obesity and diabetes in our inner city neighborhoods and knew that knowledge and information are the keys to better health.

Thanks to the generous donations of friends and family, the Lou Silver Fund has allowed KCC to:

  • Host cooking classes for our students through Red Rabbit, a Harlem-based organization committed to bringing healthy food to public schools
  • Hire an instructor to conduct after-school yoga and Zumba classes for our staff in the Bronx
  • Sponsor a 6 week Diabetes Awareness seminar for staff in the Bronx
  • Purchase cookbooks that provide staff with a library of low fat, low sugar recipes for use with their families
  • Provide a cash prize to the winner of our staff’s self-organized “Biggest Loser” competition



Donations to the Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund may be sent to the Kennedy Children's Center, 2212 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10035. Checks must be made payable to Kennedy Children's Center, noting that the donation is made to the Lou Silver Fund.

You can make a secure online donation by clicking here: Donate to the Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund.

All gifts to KCC designated to the Lou Silver “Healthy Eating” Fund are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. KCC is a registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3; tax identification number is 13-5671639



If you are a KCC staff member and have a great idea for a healthy initiative, apply to the Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund! Grant proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Staff members can be awarded up to $500 to carry out their projects and can propose as many different ideas as they want.

Click here for the application guidelines: Lou Silver Healthy Eating Fund – Application Guidelines