Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program, overseen by our Director of Family Services, is dedicated to providing support and training for parents and caregivers to help meet the unique demands of raising a child with special needs. We provide parents with opportunities to participate in their child’s education, help them understand their child’s needs, and support them through their parenting journey.

We host family workshops in English and Spanish on a range of topics, including
educational advocacy, behavior management, toilet training, transitioning to kindergarten, speech and communication, sensory integration, and resources for
children with disabilities. There is also specialized training for parents of children with autism. Our workshops are led by KCC staff or by outside agencies including Synergia, Ramapo for Children, and YAI.

Our Family Support Coordinators help parents with individual needs, referrals to community resources, and an array of special disability services and benefits. FSCs also provide assistance when it is time for Turning Five parents to apply for Kindergarten.